Age of Wushu wiki

Wudang Sect: One of the most powerful sects in Age of Wulin, righteous and feared among the others, their main weapons of use are Sword/Twin Swords Taijijian, hand to hand skills such as Taijiquan will be learned at a later stage in training. Their attacks are powerful yet yielding, they can be direct or hidden. They are skilled in ranged attacks, assisting with recovery, and helping other team members, furthermore, they have very strong survival capabilities. Their main weakness is in defending themselves during ranged (AOE) combat.[8]
Shaolin Sect: Using brute force to apprehend the opponent ,they are one if not most powerful sect among them all, their main weapon is Staff and Fists,Their martial art skills are powerful and direct, the moves focus on close range attacks which inflict more damage and provide better defence thus classifying as a tank. They have great survival capabilities,also very vulnerable to long range attacks [9]
Beggars’ Sect: Always punishing the evil ones and helping the ones in need ,Palms are the weapon of choice for their strong and direct power, although a staff or stick is also known to be used, Their moves inflict a great deal of damage but their defense is of less concern. They do however, on account of their knowledge in the field, have good defence against poisons. The sect is famous for its ‘Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms’ and its ‘Dog Beating Staff Technique’, which are only passed down from a chief to his successor. The green jade staff which is carried by the chief is a symbol of his leadership.[10]    watch more


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